Roasting Day

Four new bags of green coffee beans arrived in our roasting facility this week. So we fired up our roaster today to try the new coffees and roast some orders that recently came in.

Before getting involved in the coffee business, I didn’t put much thought into how my coffee got into my cup every morning. All that mattered to me was that caffeine was readily available within an hour of waking up.

But it turns out that coffee beans go on a long journey before they reach your cup.

Our coffee typically comes from a few growing regions: South America (Colombia currently), Northern and Central Africa (Tanzania, Ethiopia, Malawi), and SE Asia (Laos, Indonesia, Thailand). We seek out smaller farms and co-ops, with a special emphasis on finding ones that use sustainable or organic growing methods if possible and that give back to their communities. For example, our 2015 Ethiopian Roast came from a co-op that allowed female farmers to do business – something that not many other co-ops in that region allow.

When we were in Colombia last year, we shared pictures of how the coffee is grown, dried and processed on our Facebook page. The coffee cherries are hand picked, washed, dried, de-hulled, and sorted. The best beans are separated out to be sold and, usually, exported.

Coffee CherriesProcessing Coffee

The coffee comes to us in 70 kilo (about 150 lbs) burlap bags of dried, green coffee beans. Ryan, our Head of Production, develops a roast to bring out the unique flavors, notes, and characteristics of the beans. He adjusts the temperature spikes and dips, duration, and final temperature to highlight certain flavors. The end result is the rich brown bean we are used to seeing.


We fresh roast all of our coffee in small batches. In Dalhart, our roaster only roasts 2 lbs of coffee at a time, while our Dallas roaster can roast 6 lbs at a time. This allows us to control the quality of the roast and the final product – making sure that each bean is evenly roasted. To ensure that our coffee is fresh, we wait until orders come in to roast our coffee, with our Roaster’s Choice orders being fulfilled every Tuesday (which is why shipping can sometimes take a little longer).

Tanzanian Coffee

A few weeks ago, we introduced our newest roasts: Laotian, Tanzanian, Colombian Decaf, in addition to our existing Colombian and Java roasts. Some details on our new roasts, now available for purchase!

  • Laotian – Very similar to the Thai Roast, earthy and mild. Look for notes of bold Tobacco, cedar and fresh Serrano chilies. A great coffee to use as espresso or with milk and sugar.
  • Tanzanian – trong notes of salmonberry with hints of stone ground chocolate; overall a sweet flavor. As the cup cools, tart watermelon is pronounced as well as some spice in the chocolate notes (think Aztec chocolate).
  • Colombian – A bright and big bodied coffee with bold flavors. Look for notes of cocoa, caramel, summer berries, and dried fruit.
  • Colombian Decaf – Wine notes and mulling spices can be found in the background. As the cup cools, it retains it’s wine flavors but a sweeter raisin is present and the spice gives way to grapefruit notes.
  • Java Espresso – Dark and perfect for your favorite espresso drink. It has a higher caffeine content than our other coffees and less complex flavor notes. Look for subtle hints of rye bread and amaretto

To order, visit one of our online store or contact one of our local Embassies.


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