Purpose Coffee Co. is a coffee roaster and storefront that gives back.
It’s a coffee shop and event venue and a ministry.
A way to give back… a way to change the world.

Click through below for more information about our company, how we operate, and how you can get involved in the work we are doing.

As a teen and through college, it was my dream to have a coffee shop that helped kids. It was a concept that my brain couldn’t imagine working, but my heart longed for.

Life and work and God brought us to Dalhart, TX, where we were connected with a local church that was passionate about missions work around the world. The pastors had an idea – to import coffee and send the proceeds back to the orphanage they helped build in Myanmar. We were excited – and are honored – to have made that idea become a reality.

As business owners, our passion and commitment for this idea deepened while on a mission trip in Thailand and Myanmar with our church. We traveled over the Christmas season, visiting several Children’s Homes, that provide a bed and roof, clothes, food, love, education – truly, home – for kids who were mostly orphaned during a devastating tsunami. We painted the orphanages, played with the kids, sang Christmas songs, and gave gifts and shoes and food.

As we talked with the leaders of the orphanages, over and over, the concern of long term funding was a huge issue. It’s our mission as a company to help address that concern so that the leaders can keep their focus on the kids.

We started our operations in our church upon returning from that mission trip. The church, its staff, and the congregation so gracefully and faithfully supported us as we launched this venture. In 2016, we flew from that little nest, establishing our own operating structure and facilities. We partner with several churches (including our own), but we are an independent company.

Today, we source coffee from SE Asia, Africa, and South and Central America. We roast it in Dalhart, TX, and sell through our online store, our storefront, and our partner churches and coffee shops. All of the proceeds are donated back to the same regions from which we source our coffee to support Child Wellness Projects globally.

This company would not look the way it does today without the help, ideas, expertise, guidance, support, and resources lent to us by so many people – of which we are so incredibly thankful.

We donate ALL of our proceeds to invest in education, health and wellness, and rescuing and caring for orphans.

We try to focus our investments on sustainable and long-term projects. For example, building a water well in a village that didn’t previously have one – obviously providing clean water but also freeing up the kids’ time that was previously spent walking to gather water so they can stay in school. We’ve helped build and expand schools. We’ve helped improve and establish lines of income for the orphanages and families. And we have invested in their homes and infrastructures.

Purpose Coffee Co. is not a 501(c)3. Instead, we are a for-profit company that donates all of its proceeds to charities, mission groups, and organizations working around the world to improve the lives of kids. We operate a charitable arm that is closely associated with our company, but totally separate. Our Child Wellness Fund is recognized as a non-profit by the IRS and all donations are tax deductible.

What does ALL proceeds mean? We have to cover our costs, of course. We have the cost of goods, cost of production, a small amount for rent, and other costs like website hosting and merchant account fees. We have to pay sales tax on our merchandise and income tax, just like any other business. Everything that’s left – it gets donated. We don’t pay ourselves, and currently, we operate almost exclusively on volunteer labor.

Our storefront is a labor of love from two families who are passionate about the ministry. They bought and renovated the space, cover the costs of operating the storefront (utilities, a part time barista, and supplies), and invest (time, talent, and money) in our community events. Purpose Coffee Co. pays 10% of sales as rent to help cover the costs of roasting and producing the coffee.

That results in about $5 from each bag of coffee and $3 from each merchandise item that we are able to donate. In fact, at the end of each month, I automatically tally and transfer a donation based on sales. At the end of the year, if we have additional money left after covering all of our costs, we donate it too.

We would love for you to visit our Tasting Room in Dalhart! It is open to the public, so come by for coffee and shopping, stay a while and have a conversation with a friend or a little meeting, or just relax and take some time for yourself! Our drive through window is now open as well during business hours.

Located at 324 Rock Island Ave., downtown near City Hall and the police department.
Hours are Tue-Thurs 7:30 am – 3 pm & Fri 7:30 am – noon.

We always have at least one of our coffees on brew, plus can make pour overs of any other roast, and lattes or other espresso drinks. You can see and smell the beans, learn all about the roasting process, and buy bags of beans or merchandise.

All cups of coffee are by donation. We do not sell the cups of coffee – it is there for you to taste and enjoy. The storefront does have to cover the costs of cups, milk and creamer, sugar, coffee, water, utilities, labor – so we ask that you consider making a contribution to those costs.

If you aren’t going to find yourself in Dalhart any time soon… you can order from our online store. Click here to learn more about our coffee, or visit the store by clicking here.

We are so excited that Purpose Coffee is igniting passion in people to learn about these kids in need around the world and do something for them.

Of course, we are big believers in the Purchase With Purpose movement. Use your purchasing power to make a difference in the lives of the people who make the goods, as well as those who ultimately get the end benefit of that dollar. You can provide dignified work and important charitable contributions just by choosing purpose when you drink coffee, buy a gift, wear a t-shirt, get some jewelry.

We would also love for you to join our team as a volunteer. We rely on volunteers so that we can donate as much as possible to our ministry and charitable partners.

A huge focus of our organization has become community events in Dalhart. Whether you want to help put on those events or participate in them – we hope you’ll join for our monthly bible studies, music nights, and our Purpose Market series during the summer.

And, last, we dream of taking you – our passionate friend and customer – on mission trips with us. We want to introduce you to the kids who have inspired us, see the coffee fields and meet the farmers, and contribute to these regions with our time, talent, and resources.

Churches, coffee shops, and even businesses are invited to join our Embassy Program. This is such a big way to give back – just by sharing coffee with your congregation, customers, or co-workers.

We have kept the structure of the Embassy Program pretty fluid, so that we can meet your needs. But, in a nut shell, you serve and/or sell Purpose Coffee, and all donations from that will go to your own dedicated project. Whether you need to establish a missions program or CSR campaign, or just want to strengthen or expand an existing one – Purpose Coffee’s Embassy Program is an easy way to do either.

Please contact us to discuss specifics and set up your Embassy!

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