Introducing Ryan Wood

Purpose Coffee Co. is excited to officially welcome Ryan Wood, formerly of Cedarwood Roasting Co., to the Purpose family as our production manager and expert in-house roaster.

Ryan has been working with Purpose Coffee Co. since our inception on a consulting basis and is the genius behind our coffee roasts. With years of experience in the coffee trade, Ryan has developed a strong philosophy – that each bean wants to be roasted a certain way. He carefully experiments with roasting methods and profiles until the unique characteristics and flavors of each bean shine. Because of his attention to detail and care while roasting, we can taste the black currant and chocolate notes in the Ethiopian roast, the earthiness in our Thai roast, and the citrus and berry flavors in the Colombian roast.

Like Purpose Coffee, Ryan also has a devout passion for humanitarian causes and mission work. That has carried over to his work with coffee as well. He reports, “After watching a few too many documentaries and reading articles about poverty among small coffee plot owners, I vowed to use only ethically sourced beans – opting to use sources that trade directly with farmers, giving them 50-100% above fair trade value for their beans.”

We look forward to continuing Ryan’s steadfast commitment to great and ethical coffee as we grow and expand our coffee offerings.


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  1. Jan Blake
    October 29, 2015 at 2:22 pm (2 years ago)

    Congratulations on the hiring of Ryan!


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