Growing Coffee

Purpose Coffee Co. is invested in creating a farm-to-cup coffee experience, with a focus on quality, freshness, and giving back. Our team is involved in every step of the process to achieve this goal.

We work directly with coffee farmers to find the best beans available. We are committed to paying at least market value – or more – so that the farmers can re-invest in their farms, families, and communities.

In Thailand, where our beans currently come from, the coffee trees are grown under the forest canopy, among the native plants. This commitment to bio-diversity and sustainable agriculture not only benefits the native ecosystem, but the neighboring plants also lend unique flavors and characteristics to the coffee beans. Many people can taste hints of mangos in our Thai Blend – and that’s because they are grown under mango trees!

When ready to harvest, the coffee cherries are hand-picked at the height of ripeness for the best and strongest flavor.

John McAdams works with farmers in Thailand to find, help harvest, process, and dry the coffee beans for Purpose Coffee Co.'s Thai Blend.

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