Creating Sustainable Income

Since the day we started Purpose Coffee, it has been our goal to use every single purchase to give back and invest in the same regions where our coffee comes from. The company was birthed out of a passion for rescuing and caring for orphans, and has grown into an unwavering commitment to investing in child wellness in impoverished communities around the globe.

A key part of this commitment is sustainability. Instead of investing in one-time, band-aid fixes, we want to invest in projects, institutions, and ideas that will continue beyond our investment, with a return for years to come.

One way that has emerged is by giving Children’s Homes, schools, or families new avenues of income so that they can more easily sustain themselves and rely less on donations and charity. Through our work, we hope to shift the charitable lens from a focus on short-term, immediate needs to a focus on establishing long-term solutions that end cycles of poverty.

Rice Farming in Thailand

One of our very first projects we invested in was providing farm equipment to an orphanage in Thailand. With the new tractor, they are able to save the cost of renting the equipment, while also more efficiently farming their rice fields and providing custom farming services for a fee to neighboring farmers.

Coffee Processing in Thailand

This past September, we purchased a coffee processor for another Children’s Home in Thailand. To date, it has been used to process over 2,000 kilos of coffee beans to be sold locally. On the ground Missionary, John, reports that in addition to providing income for the Home, all of the 35 children at Samuel’s Home have taken a keen interest in the process and have enjoyed learning about the coffee trade also!


Fruit Trees in Uganda

And now we are excited to announce a new partnership for creating sustainable income – the Our Trees Our Future Initiative in Uganda. Long-time missionaries and now farmers, Nick and Cheryl DeKoning, are working to change the poverty mindset throughout rural Uganda, with a special focus on future generations. Their Our Trees Our Future initiative provides families, schools, hospitals, and places of worship with fruit and indigenous trees (including coffee plants!), as well as training to care for the trees and take the fruit to market, in order to create income streams for years to come.

Through our partnership with the DeKonings, and with the proceeds from our online coffee sales and merchandise, we plan to provide trees to a Ugandan school so that they can increase their revenue, while also educating their students about farming the trees and the importance of income generation.

To get involved with these efforts, be sure to designate Africa as the Project when you checkout online. (Visit our online store, here.) Additionally, if you would like to donate directly to the program, please click here.

Our Trees Our FutureOur Trees Our Future

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