In early 2015, Purpose Coffee officially launched, with our initial Thai Roast. Since then, we’ve introduced additional roasts and blends – including Colombian, Brazilian, Mexican, Laotian, Java, Tanzanian, Ethiopian, and a decaf from Colombia.

Much like a fine wine, each bean has innate flavor notes borrowed from its growing environment. As such, we roast to bring out these unique characteristics – resulting in a variety of coffee offerings to satisfy each of our coffee lovers’ palate.

We are proud that $5 from each bag of coffee sold goes directly to our Child Wellness Fund, which invests in projects in the same regions from which we source our coffee. (Read more about Our Purpose.)

Online Ordering Available

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Current Offerings:
  • Brazilian – Our most popular! Heavy body with notes of peanut brittle
  • Ethiopian – A very distinct coffee for a true connoisseur, with notes of blueberries and chocolate
  • Tanzanian – Look for notes of caramel and watermelon. This one is almost gone, so order while you can!
  • Laotian – A savory and earthy coffee, with a floral forward and hints of chilies
  • Roaster’s Choice – A versatile bean from Guatemala that is great for espresso, brewed coffee, AND cold brew!
  • Texas Strong – A special edition dark roast blend, featuring notes of dark chocolate, cherries, and caramel. *ALL proceeds from sales of Texas Strong benefit the Houston Food Bank and relief efforts following Hurricane Harvey.

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Learn all about our coffees and how they are made, while sipping on your favorite roast. Then discover other #purchasewithpurpose products in our store!


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