Changing Their World

One of our t-shirts says, “Coffee tastes better when you’re changing the world.” And we’ve heard from so many customers that they love making a difference simply by drinking their morning cup (or cups!) of Purpose Coffee.

But, we aren’t changing the world. We are changing THEIR world – the sweet kids who are benefiting from every bag of coffee you buy.

Even though we live in the most connected society ever, it’s easy to sometimes feel distant and removed from others – especially from those on the other side of the world. Purpose Coffee is committed to bridging those gaps by partnering with missionaries on the ground. They ensure that with every purchase you make, there’s a smiling, hopeful, precious child at the receiving end. There’s a face and a name and a life you’re impacting.

With every sip, you’re helping kids get a quality education. You’re ensuring that they have the shoes, uniforms, and supplies needed to attend school. You’re giving them essential vitamins and medicine for optimum health. You’re improving their access to clean water. You’re helping stop human trafficking by rescuing orphans from the streets.

You are changing their world.

Purpose Coffee Co.


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