Cows, Crayons & Christmas Presents


Late last week, I got the most amazing and unexpected text message…. Coach Vogel texted to say that her cross country teams had raised money for our Child Wellness Fund again this year, totaling around $2600!

The kids run the same course twice – once at the beginning of the season and once at the end. They take pledges – a dime for each second they improve, for example. Then, their times are compared to see how much faster they’ve gotten over the season. These kids obviously worked hard and improved greatly – and their accomplishment is having a big impact for other kids who need it!

The cross country teams decided to use their donation to help buy cows for Heart for Africa’s Project Canaan in Swaziland. With over 150 rescued kids that they care for, they go through a lot of milk! We have been raising money to add to their dairy operation – and with this donation added to our total, we’ll be able to buy 5 cows to help meet the needs of the kids!

Awesome job, Dalhart Cross Country! Such a big thanks to Coach Vogel for organizing, all of the DXC parents and friends who supported those kids (and thus our Child Wellness Fund), and of course the runners who worked so hard!


As we move into the Christmas season, we will start focusing on new projects. As I look at our different partners working around the world, they all have one thing in common: a focus on education. Through their education programs, they are able to provide supplies, meals, care, love, and hope for a brighter future. And we are excited to contribute to that.

This season, all of our proceeds will be split among three groups working in our key regions around the world…. the Empower International Education Program, as they work to build a new school in Burma; Heart for Africa’s Project Canaan Academy and Sisekelo Preschool in Swaziland; and Student International’s mentoring programs in Costa Rica, which we visited earlier this year.

Each of these programs take a different approach to Child Wellness and education… but all with the goal and proven results of showing and sharing love with the kids they serve and giving them tools to build a brighter future.

Christmas Presents

Our hope is that you’ll have a more Purposeful Christmas this year – whether that includes Purpose Coffee or any of the other amazing purpose-driven brands out there. In store and online this season, we will have a selection of goods from companies working all over this world to make it a better place. These goods will make great teacher gifts, stocking stuffers, or gift sets for friends and family.

We are showcasing these companies and items at our A Purposeful Christmas open house event on November 16. All of our proceeds from that day only will be used to buy Christmas presents for orphaned kids.

We will have refreshments and coffee while you shop, plus a ton of new things – from new tees to new jewelry to our new seasonal items! Follow along on Instagram and our Facebook group to see sneak peeks!

Purpose Run Updates

The 2017 Run for a Purpose is quickly approaching! We are just over a month away from the big event, and so many of the details are starting to come together. Here are some of the updates!

The event is October 7th, at the Coliseum, with races starting at 8am. We will have breakfast and activities for kids, in addition to the 10k, 5k, and Fun Run. Be sure to RSVP and follow along on our event page for more details:

Proceeds benefit Heart for Africa

Since the run is part of The Purpose Market series this year, we are using the proceeds from race registration to fund projects related to farming. Because of the generosity of this amazing community, we have already fully funded the projects we had selected at the beginning of the season. WOW! We can’t say thank you enough.

So, additional proceeds from the race will go to Heart for Africa and their Project Canaan Farm. The children at Project Canaan consume 390 gallons of milk each month, and that amount will continue to grow every month. We will use proceeds to add dairy cows to provide fresh pasteurized milk for the 155 children they care for and to sell in their community to provide sustainable income.

Registration is OPEN

Early bird registration is in full swing for another month! We are offering registration for $30, for all events, which includes a custom designed Live With Purpose tote bag with goodies from sponsors, the official race t-shirt, and breakfast ticket – plus, you’ll be eligible for prizes and giveaways with your full registration.

We do offer an Event Only option for $15, which includes entry into the race only. A lot of people choose this for kids or if they know they can’t make it to the breakfast.

Babies and kids in strollers are free. And kids are welcome to ride bikes for the fun run. All of our courses are off roads and highways to help keep everyone safe!

And, we will be doing registration and sign ups at The Purpose Market this weekend! Saturday, 9am-noon, at 324 Rock Island Ave.

T-Shirt Design

I’m finalizing the t-shirt order… so here’s a sneak peek of what it’s going to look like. If you’re looking for a specific size, be sure to sign up early – especially if you’re interested in youth sizes!

Watermarked big

Routes are finalized!

Our race director, Jennifer of JBEEN Training has finalized our routes for us! She personally ran them, nailing down the exact start and finish line, and recorded the routes on the Strava app if anyone is interested in practicing before the race. You can follow Jennifer Been on Strava to access the routes digitally.

Breakfast and The Purpose Market

We tend to focus a lot of these posts on the actual run – but we will have a ton of activities and breakfast open to the general public. So, if you’re not a runner – please still make plans to come join us!

The Purpose Market vendors will be set up at the Coliseum, so you can shop all of your favorite locally made and grown goodies. We will have a kids craft area, where we are hoping that kids will draw cards and pictures for all of the kids at Heart for Africa.

Our breakfast will include pancakes and sausage, with coffee, orange juice, and water. Breakfast tickets cost $5 at the door (1 ticket included with each race registration), or you can donate 3 cans of food for the Lincoln Street Food Pantry in lieu of buying a ticket. All proceeds from the breakfast will benefit Lincoln Street Food Pantry.

Stay tuned for more updates…. We can’t wait for this fun event!

1 Year Birthday, Part 1

We are coming up on the 1 Year Birthday of the Purpose Coffee Tasting Room in Dalhart! The year went by so incredibly fast… but as I look back at all that we’ve been able to accomplish with your support, it’s hard to believe it has only been a year.

It’s been a year of shared stories, laughter, prayers, a few tears, and so many cups of coffee. And we’re so thankful that you’ve joined us on this journey. As we approach our official 1 Year Birthday Party – which you’re invited to, by the way – I wanted to take some time to share all that happened in Year 1, and some of the things we have in store for Year 2. Like I said… this year has been so much – so I’ll break this into a few different posts over the next few weeks.

The Purpose Market

It seems like such an obvious place to start. The Purpose Market has been a huge force during this first year. A lot of work, from a lot of people…. but we have enjoyed the season so immensely. We’ve seen many new faces, connected with new people, and loved seeing the community come together to fellowship, play, and celebrate our local goods, businesses, and causes.

We wanted the Market to be a force for good. As the season has progressed, it has been so neat to see the causes that have been involved and benefited. Our local fire department and police department battled it out for donations in the Battle of the Badges to support CareNet. The Panhandle chapter of Relay For Life joined the Market, and Hilmar gave out grilled cheeses to raise money for Relay For Life. We held a baking contest, raising $250 for our local United Way. The Dallam-Hartley County Hospital District has been at each of our big markets sharing important safety information and giving out goods to our community. One of our vendors donated part of the proceeds to the Texline Special Education Program. Another vendor, Esther + Ruth, donate a portion of their proceeds to support missionaries in Africa. And several other vendors have donated to support the Market and our Child Wellness Fund. Our last two BIG Markets have a charitable focus behind them…. this week we want to Support Our Schools and in October we want to Feed Dalhart at our annual Run for a Purpose. We’ll be collecting supplies for our local schools, and then collecting cans for the Lincoln Street Food Pantry.

Our Trees, Our Future

And, the Purpose Coffee Team is excited to send our proceeds from the Market season to our partners working on the ground. It will bring our grand total of giving to over $70,000!

This week, we are sending funds to support our long-time partner Our Trees, Our Future. Much like Purpose Coffee, they are a social enterprise, operating in Uganda. They use their business as an outreach tool and way to fight cyclical poverty. By providing fruit trees to impoverished families – and also teaching them how to care for the plants and take their product to market – families are able to generate enough income to send their kids to school.


We are also sending a portion of our Market proceeds to Ziyada. This has been one of our most exciting new partnerships from Year 1. Ziyada, which operates in India, is owned by Dalhart-native Mallary Lloyd Covington, her husband, and other partners. Their company makes beautiful home goods, using gorgeous and vibrant fabrics mixed with hand embroidery. (Come by the shop to see a selection of their products!)

Their company name means More – and that’s exactly what they hope to bring to the people they work with. They truly invest in their lives, providing meaningful employment in a safe, loving environment for people caught in the devastating cycle of extreme poverty in North India.

We will be supporting a roof top garden they are starting, which will provide fresh and nutritious produce for the people they work with.

If you haven’t made it to one of the Markets yet, I hope you will soon! Here’s our upcoming schedule:

September 2 – Support Our Schools, bring school supplies to donate

September 16 – Purpose Coffee’s 1 Year Birthday, cooking demo, and kids crafts

October 7 – (Note – this market will be held at the Coliseum!) Run for a Purpose 10k / 5k / Fun Run and Pancake breakfast. Bring cans for the Lincoln Street Food Pantry



Financial Transparency

This is a post that has been on my mind for a long time, but I haven’t wanted to write it. Mostly because I hate that it’s necessary. But also because I like to stay more behind the scenes and private, especially in regards to finances. I think we’re at the point that it is necessary – maybe even past that point. I’ll start with a little history…

Purpose Coffee was founded within our church, with Russell and I integral in its founding – but certainly not solely responsible. Our former pastors, John and Alysa, will always be considered co-founders, as they brought us into an idea they had, invested in that idea, and were vital in bringing a product to market. Our church was equally integral, in terms of enthusiasm and actual support (like volunteers and electricity). Ryan Wood lent us his expertise in roasting and developed the coffee flavors we all love today.

As the company grew and got traction outside of our congregation, we were told that we should incorporate outside of the church and move our operations offsite. We went back and forth for many hours with accountants and legal professionals, ultimately realizing that we would not be able to incorporate as a 501(c)3. Today, Russell and I own Purpose Coffee as a for-profit business – but hold steadfast to the original spirit of the company: that ALL proceeds would go to child wellness projects around the world. The IRS doesn’t consider us a non-profit, but we try to run the business as such.

A HUGE part of any good non-profit business is transparency, especially in regards to finances. I’ve allowed my personal desire for privacy to negatively impact that – and I think a lot of our customers have been left with less information than they would like. I apologize for that.

Even with my desire for privacy, I truly do believe in transparency, authenticity, and vulnerability. I want to live by that in my personal and my professional life. So, here’s my transparency.

Purpose Coffee Co.

Like I said, Russell and I do own Purpose Coffee, as a for-profit business. Much like all of our other awesome small businesses in town, we are just a family, standing behind a business, trying to make it successful.

We don’t take a salary, nor do we take a portion of the profits. Russell and I don’t get a penny from Purpose Coffee. Indeed, quite the opposite, as we’ve personally invested thousands of dollars and even more hours to carry this company forward.

But, that was our dream – that we could invest the money we would normally give and invest our time and talents, multiply those investments through a commercial venture, and have more to give to those kids we care so deeply about. And, with a lot of favor from the Lord and an amazing amount of support from family, friends, church members, businesses, and people I don’t even know – it has worked. Together, we’ve sent over $60,000 to care for, provide for, and support kids around the world. Those pictures of kids we share… those are actual kids that we – meaning you and me – are helping. Just by drinking coffee, running in a race, or buying a piece of jewelry.

Purpose: Dalhart

Our dear friends, Trevor and Tawny Allen, have been passionate about this project from the start. When I say this company wouldn’t exist without them, I mean that literally. They saw a future for Purpose Coffee as a store in Dalhart. I ran the numbers over and over and had us losing $30,000 a year. But, they had faith.

Together with them, we personally purchased our building at 324 Rock Island Ave. We personally invested in the improvements. We created an entity, Purpose: Dalhart, which owns the building, pays the utility bills, and pays our part-time employees. We also put on events for the community and allow the space to be used for ministry events, meetings, showers, and more.

I use 10% of Purpose Coffee’s sales to help cover those costs, as rent. That amount varies month to month, but has only once covered all of our monthly expenses. The rest of the months, we cover the rest personally. And, none of the proceeds from Purpose Coffee have been used to invest in the actual building or the renovations.

Of course I’d love for Purpose Coffee to get to a place that it is self-sustaining. But, even if it never gets there – it’s our desire to invest in this idea of giving forward and growing the Kingdom of God. We cover those costs each month cheerfully, knowing it’s one way for us to sow into other peoples’ lives.

The Child Wellness Fund

Out of Purpose Coffee’s sales, I also calculate our donations each month. I automatically donate $5 from a bag of coffee, and $3 from a merchandise item. If at the end of the year, we have additional funds after all of our expenses have been paid, then we will donate the remaining proceeds.

These donations go to our Child Wellness Fund – which is a designated charitable fund that we house at our church. We’ve gone back and forth a lot about whether we need to pursue setting up our own foundation. And in the future, it might come to that.

But, for now, we believe in keeping true to the company’s origins. And the truth is, we went on a mission trip with our church and became passionate about helping the kids we met. So, we want to send our money back to those kids who sparked this idea.

The church very graciously hosts the fund for us for free, not taking any administrative fees out of the donations. Our only fees are bank fees to transfer internationally or merchant fees to send the money to our partners on the ground. Other than that, ALL donations are sent to invest in child wellness.

The Embassy Program

We started the Embassy program as a way for other churches to get involved. We recognize that many people and churches have their own missions organizations or projects that they are passionate about – and don’t necessarily want to give to the ones we are passionate about. So, we offer Purpose Coffee as a tool to raise funds for those other organizations and projects.

Churches have the opportunity to buy Purpose Coffee at a wholesale rate, and use our normal donation amount to go to their missions work. We ask that the funds go to a project not a person, and that it’s related to child wellness in developing regions.

We are excited to have several churches enrolled in our Embassy Program, from brand new churches to established ones, traditional to new age, and all around the state and into Oklahoma. Some have become passionate about our projects and support them, and others have their own missions work they are investing in.

The Purpose Run

A huge part of our vision and success has been our annual fundraising event – the Purpose Run. We host an annual 10k, 5k, and Fun Run, with a pancake breakfast, planned and put on by a team of volunteers. We solicit sponsors for that event – which go directly to our charitable fund so that they are tax deductible.

These sponsorships cover the costs of the event (like space rental, the supplies for the breakfast, bibs for the runners, signage, etc.) and the rest is donated to our designated child wellness projects. Those totals, as well as other personal donations to our charitable fund, are included in the $60,000 that we have sent around the world.

The Purpose Market

After last year’s Purpose Run, we had someone ask if we would consider making a donation to the cause that they care about. It wasn’t in our mission – but it got me thinking. I believe in pursuing passions – charitable and profitable. I believe, wholeheartedly, that’s where you find your purpose in life. I found my purpose in coffee, and I want to encourage as many people as I can to find their purpose.

So, I wanted to give what I can to help others pursue their passions. And, what I have to offer is marketing skills and event planning. That’s what I went to school for and what I like to do.

And we have this neat little building that we want to use to benefit and help as many people as possible.

When we first purchased the building, we had more space than we needed. We sat around and brainstormed how we could use the space. Coming from bigger cities, and desiring local produce for our families, (and Russell was growing lettuce in our garage at that time, and I wanted to get it out of my garage!), we were so excited about the idea of a Farmer’s Market!

We talked with a few people about making that idea happen – and Ann Munden had a similar vision for bringing local produce and goods to our community. She was starting a CSA and wanted to help start a Farmer’s Market too. Ann, Tawny, and I have spent so many hours making that dream come to be.

I can’t speak for Ann and Tawny, but my heart’s desire was that the Market could be a space that people could find their purpose – thus the name, The Purpose Market. I hoped that people with hidden talents and hobbies could confidently take their goods to the community and make a successful business. And I hoped that local non-profits or people passionate about a certain cause would use The Purpose Market as an avenue to raise funds or awareness.

At this point, we don’t have much money for the actual market. We applied for a federal grant, that would help us provide more services to our vendors. But, in the meantime, I can offer space and marketing. I know it’s not much – but it’s what I have to give.

We have had several people ask if we require the vendors to donate their proceeds. I wouldn’t say no if they wanted to ;) but we do not require that. Purpose Coffee does have a booth at the Market, but our benefit ends there. We simply wanted to provide the space and help create the atmosphere for a successful Market.

Community Event Series

During the planning, as we envisioned what the Market would look like and how it could serve our community, we decided to plan a series of community events alongside the Market.

I’m not a runner (which makes the fact that I host a run quite comical) – but I truly love the community feel of our annual Purpose Run. It’s one of my favorite days of the year. So, I wanted to duplicate that feel at each of our Markets.

We decided to host a series of community events on the first Saturday of each month, (in conjunction with the Market, but ultimately separate in all ways – funding, planning, and location since these activities are hosted outside of the Market fence and across the street). These events would culminate in our annual run and pancake breakfast. On the third Saturdays, we planned a smaller series of events, including kid’s make it and take it crafts, cooking demonstrations, and live music.

We put together a team of volunteers to plan each event. (A huge thank you to Tawny Allen, Callie Wiley, Erica Hoffman, Ann Munden, Krisa Smith, Jennifer Been, and Kim Cummings for your volunteer hours to put these events together. And Tawny, Ann, and Jennifer for planning the Third Saturdays.)

Just like we do every year for our Purpose Run, we solicited sponsorships from businesses and individuals, which were deposited into our charitable account. Those sponsorships will cover some of the costs of putting on the events, with any that is left going to our child wellness projects.

Ultimately, we might have less to give to our mission since we are putting on 12 events instead of 1. That was a gamble I took going into this. But, I wanted to invest in our community. And, beyond that, I wanted our community to be a part of Purpose Coffee’s mission. And I wanted to give what I could – even if all I have to give is space and advertising.

I know that God brought us to Dalhart for a reason – a purpose. We are proud to live here, farm here, run a business here, and raise a family here. I want this to be a vibrant community, with things to do on the weekend. I want to have a neat coffee shop to meet with friends. I want my son to grow up knowing what community is. I want him to see what it means to give what you can.

So there it is. There’s my transparency. My motives. My truth.

I hope that you’ll join me – and so many others who have been passionate supporters and advocates for Purpose Coffee and all of our little projects. Your investment of time or talent or finances is being invested directly in this community and all around the world. We strive to use our funds prudently so that we can give as much as possible to help kids. I hope you see us as good stewards of your investment.

And I hope that if you have questions or concerns or misgivings, that you bring them to me. I promise to answer you with authenticity and openness.

Purpose Run – 2017

I’ve had several people ask about our annual Purpose Run… and I promised I would get some information out by the end of the month! So…

We are so excited to present our 3rd Annual Purpose Run and Pancake Breakfast! This year, we have Jennifer Been taking the lead to plan the race, and she has great ideas for improvements and additions to the event! I promise you won’t want to miss this year’s event – so put it on your calendar now! She’s also going to offer a training program leading up to the 10k/5k to help us get ready for the race – follow her on Facebook for more info!

The 10k / 5k / Fun Run and Breakfast will be held on October 7, with the races beginning at 8 am, at the Rita Blanca Coliseum in Dalhart, Texas. Our yummy pancake breakfast will start around 8:15!

This will be our last community event held in conjunction with The Purpose Market Farmer’s Market for this season. Admission into the Market will be free. Our Purpose Market vendors will be onsite so you can shop all of their goods and produce! Plus, we’ll have live music and fun activities!

Our theme for this event is Feed Dalhart, so we ask that you bring 3 canned goods to donate to Lincoln Street Food Pantry, in lieu of purchasing a breakfast ticket. If you prefer to purchase a ticket, they will be available for $5.

Some things we are adding this year… We will have prizes for our fastest overall male and female in the 5k and 10k, as well as fastest in various age groups. We are also offering kids sizes for shirts, through 2XL for adults. I’ll order a limited number of extra shirts – so if you definitely want a specific size, be sure to sign up early!!

This year’s proceeds will support projects related to Farming, since the run is part of the Purpose Market series this year. Our selected projects include the Our Trees Our Future program, which works to alleviate generational poverty in Uganda. By providing fruit trees and farming mentoring, they are able to provide long-term income for families so that they can afford to send their kids to school – while also demonstrating the importance of long term solutions to address poverty instead of immediate charitable fixes. We will also use proceeds to invest in a rooftop garden with our new partner Ziyada, which will bring nutritious foods to the young families they work with.

I know that this will be great morning, benefiting a great cause! Early bird pricing is good through October 1! Sign up here:

The Purpose Market

For the last few years, we have hosted our annual Purpose Run and pancake breakfast, raising $35,000 for kids around the world. This year, we are expanding our vision (and hopefully, the impact!), with a greater focus on our own community as well. We are putting on a series of community events in conjunction with The Purpose Market, culminating in our annual 10k/5k run (planned and presented by the amazing JBeen Training). These will be free and fun events for the community, with opportunities for local charities to get involved as well. Through donations, sponsorships, and our proceeds from sales, we hope to impact and improve the lives of thousands of kids all over this world.

Read more about the community events on The Purpose Market Blog.

As the New Year rolled around, and I thought about the upcoming 12 months for Purpose Coffee, God put it on my heart that this is the year of the farmer. Which definitely made me pause and wonder if I heard that right?!

But then it started to make more and more sense. We took a business trip to visit coffee farms and make new ministry connections. The Purpose Market farmer’s market is just around the corner (if you haven’t heard about The Purpose Market, visit the Website & Facebook). And I just knew that there was a farming related ministry that God had in mind for us to work with.

After contacts with our existing partners didn’t bring forth any new farming projects… I waited. (Okay, really, I panicked a little inside. And maybe out loud a time or two.)

Then, we met with Dalhart-local Mallary Lloyd Covington and her husband Dustin. They run a textile business in India (with goooregous products – you will be able to check them out at our booth at The Purpose Market!). They started telling us about their health and wellness program – which provides education on healthy living, as well as funds for healthcare.

And then they started sharing about a rooftop garden project that they wanted to start. It would provide nutritious and fresh foods for the families they work with, while also giving a chance to minister to the families in a new and different way.

What a perfect project for our proceeds from The Purpose Market to help support! We are so excited for the market to bring fresh foods to our community – and even more excited for our proceeds to help give fresh foods around the world.

We will also use our proceeds to invest in the Our Trees Our Future initiative. Based in Uganda, husband and wife duo, Nick and Cheryl provide rural poor families with fruit and indigenous trees. They help teach the families how to care for the plants, harvest their fruits, and take them to market. The simple act of giving a plant – it helps increase household income and cover school fees for children. Not to mention, this program makes a generational impact towards alleviating poverty by shifting the focus from only meeting immediate needs to investing in long-term and sustainable solutions. (Plus, bonus, remember our wonderful barista from Canada, Mandy – well, Nick and Cheryl are her uncle and aunt!)

We are so thankful for the donations and sponsorships, as well as our amazing customers who purchase with purpose. You make this work possible – both the community events themselves and our contributions around the world! If you would like to contribute (time, talent, or resources – please contact us!)

(AND, be sure to like The Purpose Market on Facebook for details about the events, the markets, and maybe an upcoming giveaway or two!)

Supporting Artisans

This past weekend, we traveled to Costa Rica to visit coffee farms and meet with potential ministry partners. What an amazing and beautiful country – one that we are excited to continue investing in and hope to have one of their delicious coffees soon!

We spent most of a day touring the work of Students International (SI – Costa Rica). They have a variety of projects – from parenting classes, to micro finance, to sports camps – all aimed at investing in, mentoring, and bettering their clients’ lives. One of the aspects that was most exciting for us was their Woodshop, which teaches young men woodworking skills and, in particular, how to make the traditional Costa Rican coffee pour over. We talked a lot about how to support this work, including buying products to support the artisans.

This was definitely one of my biggest a-ha moments of the trip. So many of the products and lines we carry talk about supporting artisans. And, I’ll be honest, I never fully understood all that entails.

It’s not just about giving artisans fair wages for their work – although that is important. It’s giving them jobs with dignity. It’s teaching them about the right and legal way to run a business in that country. It’s strengthening work ethics. It’s showing how to save and invest wisely. It’s education. It’s mentoring. It’s building relationships. It’s support for their families. It’s hope for their future.

And most of all – it isn’t really charity and it isn’t building dependency. Instead, it’s a sustainable investment with long-term and transformative returns for the artisans, their families, and their communities.

Noonday Collection

This week we also hosted a trunk show for Noonday Collection jewelry and accessories, which is one of the first companies I ever connected with that directly supports artisans (with the added bonus of also helping families adopt). We had so many join us for the trunk show – thank you for your support! If you weren’t able to make it, you can also shop online through Friday.

(Here were the two most popular items at the trunk show: the Droplet Necklace and the Mod Marble Studs. Other of my favs – the Festival Bracelet makes a great gift, the Modern Leather Tote and La Bella Bag have me making all the heart eyes, and the Azure Wrap Bracelet is on my wishlist.)

We are so close to hitting our goal and would love your help. For every $20 you spend, you’ll earn an entry into our Purpose Coffee + Noonday Giveaway (entry period ends on Friday)! Plus, your purchase helps artisans, families, and communities world wide.

Contact us or local rep Kristen Brown to place an order, or shop online here:

Giving Christmas

Yesterday I traveled to Boise City, OK to share about Purpose Coffee with a new church there. I shared about how their purchases are helping give Christmas to orphans in SE Asia this year. I took 32 bags of coffee with me for the congregation – and with the proceeds from that order alone, we are able to help provide Christmas presents and festivities to 6 kids this year.

I think sometimes it seems cliche to buy Christmas gifts for those in need this time of year – but this ministry really is so much more than that.

I had the pleasure and honor of being in Burma and Thailand over the Christmas holiday a few years ago. Along with the team that we traveled with, we were able to have Christmas dinner with these kids, present them with these gifts, as well as do outreaches for the community. We presented blankets and shoes and food.

Christmas in MyanmarPurpose Coffee Co.

It was amazing to be a part of and to witness.

Amazing in so many ways. Not just to serve and love on these kids. But, also because it was a community event, that attracted the sick, the hurting, the unchurched. People prayed, they came to know Jesus. All because of some Christmas presents.

We are excited to use the proceeds from Purpose Coffee purchases through the end of the year to help further this ministry.

Purpose Coffee Co.Purpose Coffee Co.There are several ways that you can help contribute to the ministry as well! Here are some ideas:

  • Purpose Perks – We introduced our first rewards program! Through the end of the year, when you buy 5 bags of coffee (cumulatively, not necessarily at once!), you get a free Purpose mug – PLUS, the donations from your purchases provides a Christmas present and personal items to one kid! (In-store and online!)
  • Purpose Market – Mark your calendar – on #GivingTuesday (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, after Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday…), November 29, we are hosting our first ever Purpose Market! We will be open extended hours, with refreshments and treats! Plus, we are bringing in lots of Christmas gift ideas – all of which are other brands and products with purpose. Candles, jewelry, mugs, and more! (In-store only, but watch Facebook for some exclusive deals and sales too!)
  • Corporate Gifts – We are finalizing our orders for corporate gifts this year – so it’s not too late to get your order in! We are helping businesses thank their vendors, clients, and customers this year with gifts that give back. Contact us to put together a Purpose Gift Basket! (Can ship anywhere in the US!)

Our New Location

Updated to include new hours!

We’ve shared some photos of our new location in Dalhart. And, you may have seen the event announcement for our Grand Opening next week.

Several people have been asking us what our hours will be. And what we’ll actually do there. So, it’s probably time to answer some of those questions.

Here are the basics:

Purpose: Dalhart
Serving as the Dalhart Headquarters for Purpose Coffee Co.
physical: 324 Rock Island Ave.
mailing: PO Box 315

Dalhart, TX 79022

Tues: 7:30-11:30 am
Wed: 7:30-11:30 am
Thurs: 7:30-11:30 am | 2:30-5:30 pm
Fri: 7:30-11:30 am

Purpose Dalhart

What we’ll do is actually a harder question than perhaps it should be. But, it’s a mix of a lot of different things and elements. And, on top of that, we are flexible to see what it could be and what it should be.

Roasting Room

First and foremost – and legally and technically – it’s our roasting, manufacturing, and shipping center. The vast majority of our sales come online or through wholesale to churches or ministries. As such, that’s our primary purpose for this space.

We are so excited to have designated space for these functions, as well as the organization and tools to accomplish them faster and easier.

Purpose Dalhart

Store Front

We will have bags of coffee for sale, as well as our mugs, tumblers, and t-shirts (and any other products we might add in the future!). We’ve also thought about bringing in other purpose-driven goods that are in line with our mission.

You can come in the store to shop and visit, or you can use code “PICKUP” when shopping online to save the shipping. We’ll have a drive-thru window, so you can get your order as easily as possible!

Purpose Dalhart

Tasting Room

The Roasting Room and Store Front and their functions are pretty cut and dry. And then there’s this space: the Tasting Room. It’s not a coffee shop. It’s not a church space. It’s not a living room. It’s not an event center. It’s kinda a mix of all of those.

We’ll have coffee available for tastings, and we’re happy to make you a cup of coffee that you can either take with you or enjoy in our Tasting Room. We have several ways to make coffee, from a coffee pot to a french press to a Clever pour over – and we’d love to tell you all about the best ways to make a great cup of coffee. But, we’re not selling cups of coffee and you won’t find a pumpkin spice latte. We kindly ask that you leave a donation to our Child Wellness Fund to cover the cost of your coffee and contribute to our missions projects.

We hope that it’s a space where people want to hang out, meet with friends, or host a group. We will open the space for Bible studies, book clubs, and other group events. We are also happy to rent the space for special events like meetings, showers, dinners, or parties.

And, we will host some of our own special events that will be ticketed – like dinner parties, roasting and tasting events, live music night, and more! (Be sure to like Purpose Coffee Co. on Facebook for all the details!)

Purpose Dalhart

As we’ve talked with some of you and let people tour the building, we’ve heard lots of new ideas and suggestions. So, we’re open to letting this space evolve based on how the community needs to use it.

We want it to be a tool to minister to this community, while also reaching people across the world. Our tagline is “created for a purpose” – and I’ve always meant that about the coffee and the company – but it is also meant for you: the people drinking the coffee. My dream is that you can find your God-given purpose in this space – through fellowship, through study, through service, through worship, through friendship, all while sipping on some great coffee.


2016 Run for a Purpose

We are just 19 days away from the 2016 Run for a Purpose in Dalhart! Where did the summer go?! (I know many are asking that question as school starts back up!)

We started planning this year’s event in May and are so excited for it to get here! Last year was such an amazing success and testament to God’s faithfulness, as well as the generous spirit of this community.

We hope to build on that success and have an even bigger impact this year. We’ve already raised more than we were able to last year through the generous contributions of our sponsors! (Seriously, this community is amazing.) God put the number 300 on my heart – and I know we can get that many people out to the event! So please sign up, share with your friends and coworkers and church family, and join us on September 17. It’s going to be a fun morning, all for a great purpose!

Here’s a little more information about the event!

Our Beneficiaries

Our primary works will be in SE Asia, where this whole idea and company got its start. We will build a water well for an orphanage in Myanmar. Emmanuel Children’s Home is home to 15 kids, as well as a Bible College for 30 students. The well would provide much needed fresh water for 50 full time residents, as well as those who find themselves in need of a temporary place to stay.

In addition, we hope to contribute to our partner organization’s (Empower International) education program and provide school fees for kids in Thailand, Myanmar, and Pakistan. It costs just $112 a year per student to provide everything necessary – supplies, uniforms, meals, and school fees.

Child Wellness Fund

We are also excited to kick off a new partnership with Cherish Uganda. They are launching a new secondary school, and we are excited to contribute to this revolutionary school! It will be the first of its kind in this region, providing education specifically to kids with HIV, many of whom were born with the disease. Because of the stigma surrounding HIV, many kids stop taking their medicine when they go to secondary school. This school will provide a safe environment for them to excel and thrive.

We also like to give back to this community that has given so much support to Purpose Coffee. We will contribute to the Snak Pak for Kids program, as well as the Warmth of Grace Coat Drive.

Get Involved

There are just a couple of days left to take advantage of early bird pricing! Sign up now!
The 2016 Run for a Purpose will feature a 10k, 5k, and mile-long Fun Run. We are also offering an “Event Only” option for $15, that includes only registration and a breakfast ticket. This has been a popular option for kids! (Babies and kids in strollers/carriers are free!)

This year, we are expanding the breakfast and coffee part of the event too! We will serve pancakes and sausage (and those yummy syrup options!), as well as juice and coffee! Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for kids, and will be available for purchase at the event. We will have live music, activities for kids, shopping, and door prizes! We know it will be a fun morning for the entire community, whether you’re a runner or not!

If you haven’t already, like our Facebook event page to stay up to date with all of our latest announcements: 2016 Run for a Purpose

2016 Run for a Purpose


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