We’ve had a few people ask how much of each purchase goes to support the orphanages in SE Asia. So, here’s the breakdown, for a $15 pound bag of Thai Blend Purpose Coffee.

$6 – the biggest chunk of our “costs.” That’s how much goes directly to missions projects out of every $15 purchase of Thai Blend Purpose Coffee. We use $5 of that money to fund special projects like water wells in impoverished communities, farming equipment for sustainable income at the children’s homes, or for direct support to purchase essential supplies for the kids. The other $1 goes to a General Missions Fund that we can use to respond to pressing needs as they arise – such as a response to a natural disaster or support for a missionary.

$2.50 – that’s how much it costs to purchase the dried green coffee beans needed for a bag of coffee. We are committed to paying farmers a fair price for their product so that they can continue to invest in and improve their communities. This has already strengthened relationships in the communities and helped get people more involved in the children’s homes.

Just under $3 – that’s how much it costs to ship the beans from Thailand to Dalhart. Another $1 is used for packaging and handling once the beans are roasted.

Because we are a volunteer-led company, we are able to keep our administration costs low. Approximately $2.50 out of every bag goes to our administration fund – which covers the costs of investing in future, larger orders, buying new or different equipment to better serve our customers, and our sales and marketing tools – for example.

We are constantly looking for ways to get these costs down, as our primary concern is giving as large of a donation as possible – while maintaining the quality of the coffee and our other products.


We are busy finalizing the details on the first project that your Purpose Coffee purchases will support! We can’t wait to share with you the difference that your support makes. Stay tuned for more details!

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